Do you know what’s REALLY special about us here at Chestnut Street Baptist Church?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! If you are looking for a perfect church then you are going to be very disappointed with us. At CSBC you’ll find real people, with real problems, who live real lives, and are all learning to love a real God whose grace is more than enough for all our needs.

You see, at CSBC we don’t need to cling to our own “special-ness” or “goodness” because of the cross of Jesus Christ. At His cross we find that we are really not so “good” after all. In fact, we discover that we are unquestionably guilty and yet can be unconditionally forgiven.

At Jesus’ cross we learn that He does NOT want to condemn us in our sins but to save us from them. At the cross we find that God receives us just where we are but He loves us enough not to leave us there. God can and will change lives. He is changing us and can change you as well.

So here at CSBC there are only people. People like me. People like you. People like us. People who desperately need God’s grace. Everyone is welcome to come and receive that grace. We invite you to join us on this life-changing journey.

Thank you for checking us out wherever you may be in your journey with Christ! At CSBC, we are passionate about showing God’s love and telling His story. We didn’t all come from a storybook Christian home. Those who worship here represent differing political views, backgrounds, hurts, and everyday life experiences. We care for everyone, including people with various intellectual and physical disabilities, all those suffering in poverty, addiction or divorce, people in crisis, from broken homes, and others who are neglected or are mistreated. Whether you have been burned by religion, made mistakes, or haven’t been to a church in years (or ever) we invite you to join us. You matter to God and you matter to us!


Sundays here at CSBC: Sunday School & Coffee 9:30 am 10:30 am | Worship Service 10:45 am | Windward Gardens Service 1:30 pm

Mondays → FREE Community Breakfast | 6:30 am 9:00 pm

Wednesday → Devotional & Prayer 7:00 pm (Parlor)

Saturdays → Men’s Group → 7:00 am 9:00 am  (2nd floor)