Event Category: Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

We will have Sunday school at 9:30am followed by morning worship service at 10:45am    Candlelight Christmas Eve Service Program   No Inn in the Room Archeology of the area shows that houses in Bethlehem and its vicinity often had caves as the back of the house where they would keep their prized ox, or beast of burden, lest it be stolen. The guest room was in the front of the house, the animal shelter in the back, and Joseph and Mary had come too late to get the guest room, so the relatives did the best they could by putting them in the back of the house. Bethlehem was indeed a one stoplight town off the beaten track, and we have not a shred of archaeological evidence there ever was a wayfarer’s inn in that little village in Jesus’ day. In other words, all this silliness about ‘no room at the Holiday Inn’ for the Holy family, is not at all what Luke is talking about. This is not a story about ‘no room in the inn’ or about the world’s giving Jesus the cold shoulder. It’s a story about no inn in the room! It’s a story about a family making do when more relatives than expected suddenly show up on the doorstep. It’s a story most of us can relate to in one way or another. Jesus was born in his relative’s home, in the place where they kept the most precious of their animals. One can well imagine the smell in that room, and probably the shock of the Magi when they saw where the King was born. But this story is not meant to meet our expectations or desires about what a Christmas story must be like. Jesus did not come to meet our expectations or desires—he came to meet our needs. George MacDonald… Read More

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service Each year here at CSBC, on December 24th,  we host  a Candlelight Christmas Eve Worship Service. This service is for the entire community and your entire family and we would love for you to incorporate this service into your family tradition for Christmas Eve. If your normal Christmas Eve attire is dressed up or dressed down, come as you are! Come as you are and celebrate the birth of Christ with us!