Church Protection Policy (CPP) Training

Church Protection Policy (CPP)


Thursday, October 11th, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

In general, our policy is in place to protect our kids AND our workers and volunteers. This training simply defines healthy boundaries as a worker and clear expectations and guidelines so our kids are in an environment that minimizes any risk/potential problems, perception issues, or false accusations.

Again, this training is for ANYONE wishing to participate and serve in any capacity with our children and youth ministries. Some of these activities are (but not limited to); teaching, nursery, CSBC van driver, ushering duties, summer activities (such as the annual sailing trip/Summer Kid’s Club) and any other church sponsored youth events.

ALL are invited whether you are currently seeking to be involved, those who might want to consider being involved but at a later time, or if you have not signed up for this class but are just curious/interested.

Any questions or if you plan on attending, please contact the office so we can help and have enough supplies.