DNA and The Good Life Seminar

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DNA and the Good Life:

Genetics, Health and the Mystery of Life

Place: Chestnut Street Baptist Church in Camden, Maine

Date and Times:

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Morning Session: 10 am – 12:30 pm  (Registration opens 9:30 am.)

Evening Session with Film Premiere: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  (See note below.)


On Saturday, September 10th, embark with us on a spectacular educational tour of the world of DNA, genetics, and the keys to flourishing health! Using computer graphics, colorful 3-D models and moments of drama, the “DNA and Beyond Seminar” provides a visually rich learning experience. This seminar is geared towards Middle Schoolers and above.

The morning seminar, along with the evening’s movie premiere (details below) will introduce you to the famous “players on the DNA field”—along with some new players that were recently discovered. Many of these discoveries have a powerful connection with flourishing health for every human being!  At the same time, the seminar takes DNA’s path of learning to the very door of life’s deepest mysteries. Could it be that DNA holds the key to that door?

The presenter, Research Professor Tom Woodward of Trinity College, is a graduate of Princeton University and received his Ph.D. in Science Communication at the University of South Florida. A popular campus speaker and author of several books on the mystery of life’s origin, he published “The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA” with the renowned eye surgeon Dr. James P. Gills.

The seminar will feature the new “Dynamic DNA” model produced by “DNA and Beyond” which is co-hosting the event. This colorful 38-inch model, which is twistable and magnetically unzippable to mimic the movements of DNA, will be available for purchase.  All regular ticket holders have the option to purchase a model at a special conference price of $68.00–45% off retail price.  This model is now used by educators in the US, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

Special opportunity: Premium Ticket purchasers automatically receive their own Dynamic DNA model with the ticket purchase. This rate is another 10% below even the conference discount.   Premium purchasers, if desired, also receive admission for the entire family!  See below for details.


Click here for tickets and to register!

Reserve tickets today before space is gone (seating limited):  

   Student: $2.00

   Regular Adult: $4.00

Premium (Individual or Family): $56.00*

*Note: If a Premium ticket purchaser desires to bring others in the family, the ticket covers the entire family. Each Premium ticket holder receives the Dynamic DNA Model

For more information, contact the church office at csbccamden@gmail.com or visit the church website www.chestnutstreetbaptist.org.


* The movie premiere features “ORIGIN: How Did Life on Earth Begin?” — the newest production of Illustra Media, known for “Unlocking the Mystery of Life,” “The Privileged Planet,” “Living Waters” and many other award winning nature documentaries.  If someone desires to come to the evening film premiere who has not purchased a ticket for the morning seminar, that person is welcome to come at no charge.