Making disciples of Jesus Christ growing in love for God, love for one another, and love for a broken world.


It’s OK to not be OK! It’s not OK to stay that way.

No matter where you’re from or how you got here, you matter to God and you matter to us!

Real life happens everyday. Don’t face it alone! Many here didn’t come from a storybook Christian home. Our church family is friendly and nice but made up entirely of broken and imperfect people from every kind of story imaginable on a journey of healing together through Jesus. There are people attending, visiting, and leading at CSBC who have major hurts, habits, and many emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. We are a community of folks who just don’t have it all together, but together are on a path to find out what it means to find life in Jesus, to fully follow him, to break free from our hang-ups and pasts, and to walk in grace together. We care about everyone because everyone matters to God! We care about you, not who you vote for, not what you wear, not if you have tattoos, not if you have been through divorce, or are battling an addiction. If you have been abused or mistreated, we care about you! Our church is full of broken messes and imperfect people who are committing to know Jesus and serve others as a church family, and regardless of where you’re from, regardless of your story, and even if you have never been to church, or have been burned by church, we believe you belong right here!

Chestnut Street Baptist Church is built upon the idea of practicing the way and life of Jesus, together, in our community and surrounding area. We believe that to be a disciple of Jesus is to center our lives around our belief in our core purpose: To make disciples of Jesus Christ growing in love for God, love for one another, and love for a broken world.  As we strive to live this way, our prayer is that, our lives, our church, our community, and our world will be transformed.

We believe the Church is not just another sub-culture, but the making of a new humanity. Church is not a building or a weekend activity, but a people. We strive to live out the Gospel in Camden throughout the week, then gather each Sunday as a collection of Communities. We partner with God in his relentless pursuit to love a broken world and share the Good News! Our prayer is as Jesus prayed, that God’s will would be done in Camden and Mid-coast Maine as it is in Heaven.